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キミと瞳と瞳が合った あの日から

笑い合った days
戸惑い cloudy rain
宝物ほど すぐそばにあるってね

立ち止まる影 夕焼けに照らされて

遠くへ歩いていこう 手を繋ぎ

「なんとかなるよ」 根拠の無い僕の癖

「大好きだ」何度でもいい キミへ叫び続ける

「大好きだ」ダサくてもいい 真っ直ぐに伝えたい

転んでばかりで つまづくばかりで
でも顔をあげれば いつもキミがいてくれたね

影は寄り添ったまま… [/su_column][su_column size=”1/2″]

We’ve got through together since we’ve met eye to eye that day

Every day we had laugh
Confusion cloudy rain
Pleasure is close to us

“I love you.” for you
I feel awkward a little but let me say
“I love you.”
The shadow stopped and was shone by sunset

Keep walking far away
Hold hands

The arm which lead you by the hand isn’t still changed
“We make everything alright.”My habit without basis

“I love you.” for you
The cheek take on the heat
“I love you.”
Someday until I will not be able to say

“I love you.”
I don’t care that I’m not cool at all
I wanna say it straight
I fall down time after time

I wonder how many times I looked down
However when I look up, you’re always by my side
The shadows keep get close

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-愛-M7 楽曲解説


This is a PEN.


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